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published info about the game (copied from Talkdep) Empty published info about the game (copied from Talkdep)

Post  Admin on Tue Mar 04, 2008 8:20 pm

Here is an interesting post of one good manager in CD, published because ha has been banned (cheater..). It's a little long, but I think it's very very interesting to read carefully.

Goliath's Ultimate Guide v1.25


Version 1.25
- 40-50 Floor Shooting wasn't enough for free throw accuracy, 50 FS doesn't net you 90% free throw, my statement was wrong so changed to 60-70 for recommendation
- Added Way of Specializing
- Side note on Player Building

Version 1.24
- Added note on shooting

Version 1.23
- Added Stats That Affect Fouling
- Corrected error of words, typo, missing words

Version 1.22
- Some visual changes made
- Added index

Version 1.21
- Added Algorithms of Stars

Version 1.20
- Added Blocking vs Stealing
- Added a small paragraph on the training section

Version 1.15
- Edit some part that will make reader confused
- Added more info for the body attribute
- Added the guide Evan recommend into the "how to training well" section(Just click on the highlighted words)


1. Attributes of Cyberdunk
2. How to train well and use CDP wisely with training
3. Player Building
4. Blocking vs Stealing
5. Algorithms of Stars
6. Stats That Affect Fouling
7. Way of Specializing

Attributes of Cyberdunk:

Note: All skill points suggested was after the boosts of equipment

Every shootings is helped by the attribute of strength, speed and jumping. No one knows too well which help which(except admins), I am guessing strength and jumping for inside shooting, speed and jumping for 3 pointers but I don't know about floor shooting, probably speed and jumping too. Inside shooting and floor shooting is easier to shoot, even in 40-50 you can see good accuracy but 3 points shooting need like 70-80 to have a great accuracy(and you will be a killer at that time). 3 points shooting is more tiring than inside shooting and floor shooting.

I would suggest you to choose not more than 2 types of shooting, mainly would be "inside and floor", "pure floor master" and "floor and 3pts". You would wonder, why no "inside and 3pts"? It is because floor shooting is a must for all player because floor throw accuracy depends on your floor shooting. So your shooting build should be floor 60-70(if you are a defensive player, 40 is enough IMO cuz you don't shoot much, concentrate on defensive skill is better) and your inside/3pts should be as much as you want but if you are a pure floor shooting guy, just raise your floor shooting then.

Day 46, season 4 - I would say that if you are going for "floor & 3pts", try to let your primary shooting as floor shooting and 3 pointers as the support/secondary shooting because it really tiring yourself and floor shooting has far better accuracy. Still, 3 pointers are very cool and is useful if you can get some in a match.

I do saw before that admin said dribbling will help you in stealing because you know how to ball bounce(ball physics) if you can dribble well thus you know when and how to effectively intercept the ball and steal it. Dribbling also prevent stealing from your opponent. Big guy would not need to train this in the early stage and can probably take it to 25-30 when you have reach value 30++. SF,SG and PG would need to train some of this. SF can train like big guy(25-30 when your value is 30++) but SG and PG usually have some stealing so you would probably need 30-60(PG need more, SG is ok with 40++) to ensure you won't have too much turnover.

Hardly see and understand the effect of this skill in the current stage. Until the engine is changed, this skill is not that useful. And that's why I pity PG for having randomness of assists over 3 seasons of the game yet no major change has been made. Some said good passing will increase the chance of scoring so I would take that as the usage of passing for now. Another theory is passing do lower the chance of ball get stolen in the passing process. Maybe stealing will makes the ball harder to pass and decrease the chance of getting a good position to score, that's just my thinking. Playmaking PG can't live without it so a 40-60 for PG, 30-40 for normal PG at most and other position, 20-30 or for SG 25-35.

The main defensive skill for the back court. Every steal will lower an offensive chance to the enemy by 1 and increase an offensive chance to the team by 1 so it's a +2 for every steal. Just raise to the level you want for this stat(exclude C and PF because they are usually bad in stealing) but SG and PG might need more to steal well because of the dribbling skill of SG and PG is always higher than C,PF,SF especially PG always have great dribbling skill.

A good blocking monster + a good rebounding monster = Ownage. Why? Blocking make the player miss the shoot and rebound give the team a offensive chance. Rebounding is important as it give you 2nd chance when in offense and make sure your enemy don't have 2nd chance when in defense. But rebound is not much of use if both team doesn't miss much. Good defensive team + good rebounding will create lots of offensive chance and a not-good defensive team would need to grab every rebound to ensure his opponent don't shoot much so rebounding is quite important for me. SF is versatile so build it like you want but I don't think SG and PG need to train any rebounding. C and PF should have a minimum of 40 IMO.

The king of kings attribute for now. Look at the best defender thread in find the one named Tim Ye who get 191 blocks in league game. His team win the China Premier Champion because Tim Ye is like the Great Wall of China who lock down every single best scorer in any of the China team. Blocking decreases the chance of opponent's shooting but if the scorer is good, you do get a lot of fouls like the match against Palermo Burnt, I get my ass kicked by Genghis Khan, fouled out in 18 min. Every position can train blocking but SG is always great shooter so I think SG will have a hard time on training blocking, it's take too much of your time away and will let you have not-so-good shooting ability if you are balancing blocking and shooting and you can't block a pure shooter at that rate so I don't think SG should train blocking until his shooting skill is great, like 70-80. Other players should train as they like except C and PF should have 50 minimum, if your body attribute is not good enough, you will not block well. I would say a ratio of around 2:1:1 for blocking and body attribute of strength and jumping will give you best performance of blocking. You don't always need 45 strength 45 jumping for 90 blocking but try to have 38-40 on strength/jumping for 90 blocking to increase your blocking efficiency.
Attention: Do remember that your strength and jumping aren't for blocking only so you need not to follow the ratio with your blocking at all but your blocking will be good if the body attributes are at least almost half of your blocking

Body(Strength, Speed, Jumping)
All 3 of them will increase your performance on the court. Jumping is a must for every position while big man boost strength and speed is for smaller player. SF can balance strength and speed. But after value 30, C and PF can boost some speed(to 30++) but I don't know whether SG and PG should boost strength or not but you might consider train it when your other skills are good enough. Jumping helps in involving you to jump, blocking, rebounding, shooting etc. Strength is how you fight to score in the low post and fight for the position to grab a rebound. Strength will probably help you in defending by your force to hold back the attacker instead of falling down to the ground after one push. Speed, helps you to move around the court like a shadow, dribble pass defenders, get to a nice position for rebound faster etc. Some said high speed player will make the defender fouls more but after the match with Genghis Khan, I would say all 3 body attribute did have their role on making a player foul more.

Some said it helps on the accuracy of shooting(especially 3 point shooting) and the general theory so far is confidence will increases your chance to shoot when the ball is in your hand. Some said you will stop shooting too much when you miss a lot but having high confidence you will still do few more attempts first, if you hit quite a few of the attempts, you will continue shooting but if you still miss, you will pass the ball. Offensive player should get 40 or more of this while defensive player can have less depend on how good are they in shooting but I think having 30 at least in the later stage(when your other skills are well-trained) is good.

Vital skill for the main scorer of the team as shooting consumes a lot of energy especially 3 pointers. Starters should have more because you stay on the court for a long time but subs should start training this after you train enough of your main skills because subs will be starters in the future. High stamina also guarantee you have stable performance for the whole match instead of a bad 4th quarter due to tiredness. Starter should try to get to 30++. Main scorer 40 above.

Done with skills, now how to train well and use CDP wisely with training:

Old time(Still, read it)
There's a training guide on the general discussion. Do read that. You will realize that +6 for 5 days give you 1.20 skills per day but +10 for 8 days give you 1.25 skills per day so you might consider quickly rush through the +6 period for your main skills. The best way is do +5 for 3 days when your skill is 20 to boost it to 25 and +15 to that skill to reach 40. Or you can boost that skill to 28(do 2x +6 training) or 34(do 1x +6 training) to reach 40 in the fastest time. If you are around 35-39 just boost it with the CDP then. For no CDP, best way is do +5 for 3 days when that skill is 17 to reach 22 then 3 times of +6 training as 22+6+6+6=40.

Current time
After the changes, the key stat is 10,16,22,28,34,40. With +6 training over 3 days, you will be on 40 in no time, then you can do +6 in 3 days then +4 with CDP to make it 50, train twice to get it to 70 or train +10 in 8 days 3 times.

Player Building

Side note: You can be more specialized than this player, this example was not specialized enough in my experience but I am too lazy to change it.

For now, I would say concentrate on some attributes for your player is better than being an all-rounder and training on all aspect at the same time. I would give you an example, like a offensive PF,in the value of 25:

Floor Shooting: 50(+10)
Inside Shooting: 88(+23)
3PT Shooting: 5
Dribbling: 20
Passing: 20
Stealing: 5
Rebounding: 50(+10)
Blocking: 30(+10)
Strength: 38(+18)
Speed: 24(+9)
Jumping: 35(+15)
Confidence: 40(+10)
Stamina: 40(+10)

Omnem's Revenge: +10 FS, +15 Jumping, +10 Confidence, +10 Stamina
Talad's Revenge: +15 IS, +10 Blocking, +10 Rebounding, +10 Strength
Gold T-shirt: +8 IS, +8 Strength, +9 Speed

Just value 25, he can crush his opponent out, even if he is fouled, his 50 floor shooting makes free throw some bonus mark to the team. Well, you can lower some floor shooting and put it as strength and jumping too. The essence of player building is to train well but plan your training with item. With a slight change of equipment, that example can be quite a well-rounder as well:

Floor Shooting: 50(+10)
Inside Shooting: 80(+15)
3PT Shooting: 5
Dribbling: 20
Passing: 20
Stealing: 5
Rebounding: 58(+18)
Blocking: 53(+33)
Strength: 30(+10)
Speed: 15
Jumping: 39(+19)
Confidence: 30
Stamina: 40(+10)

Vito Corleone's (THE REAL)Severed Horse Heads: +10 FS, +15 Blocking, +10 Jumping, +10 Stamina(This is not custom crap, it's new equipment)
Talad's Revenge: +15 IS, +10 Blocking, +10 Rebounding, +10 Strength
Gold Jock Strap: +8 Rebounding, +8 Blocking, +9 Jumping

Blocking vs Stealing
For now, blocking can be consider the ultimate stat. But still, it does have a weakness. From play-by-play, I observed that the ball that is blocked will have a huge chances(80%) to return to the hand of the opposite team. So the chance of gaining the possession is more on the missed shot that are not successfully blocked. So, a strong defense team must have some big man with good rebound ability to perfectly utilize the blocking.

Stealing, on the other hand, will not have any effect on the accuracy but when you successfully steal a ball, it is your possession for sure, which is the only advantage I can think of for stealing over blocking.

Algorithms of Stars
Attacker = [(floor+inside+3pt)x2]/playervalue
Defender = [(block+steal)x2.3]/playervalue
Playmaker = [(passing/rebounding)x3]/playervalue

For playmaker,

C,PF: Rebounding
SF,SG,PG: Passing

Algorithms of Attacker and defender are Saris' work so credit goes to him. For the playmaker, I get it by myself and Saris haven't release it when the day I post so credit goes to myself.


- No rounding off, 7.99 = 7 stars
- Ignore equipment bonus when counting

Stats That Affect Fouling
Omnem do mention that they are two stats that will have impact on fouling, which mean increases or decreases in the chances of fouling for any shot attempts. This is from my own view, not 100% correct(well, I do ask Echo for info so credit goes to him and Statmonkey too because some of Echo's answer comes from Statmonkey):

C: Strength, Jumping
PF: Strength, Jumping
SF: Speed, Jumping
SG: Speed, Jumping
PG: Speed, Jumping

Way of Specializing

Directed from a post I made in 2 threads in general discussion. But still, I added more thing in the end.

My theory of building players in current algorithms is build them like the body measurement of woman. Specialize it(at least a little), make sure it's not flat like 32-32-32, that's man's body and no one(maybe little) like flat body. Specialize will make you as sexy as a 36-24-36 woman and will make you a better player in current algorithms. Make sure you at least specialize some of your skills instead of flatten it. The current situation(in my own thoughts):

Too-darn-average player is like a woman with the body of 32-32-32(I know it's too flat and is almost unachievable with science view but just an example here), not much men will like them.

A specialize but not too much would be like a woman with the body 34-26-34, men will accept it but the girl might not be too popular.

A specialize woman will be like 36-24-36, a perfect body which is the dream of all males.

A too specialize woman will be like 42-24-42, although acceptable to males, but not all males love the size of that. Well, why too specialize is not that good? Let's see, even if you have 250 Floor Shooting, it will be the same thing as a lower amount of FS if the defenders are not at 230-250 Blocking, so you might as well put some of the 250 to other skills like body attribute to be a specialize and useful player. It all depend on conditions like the league you are in or whether you are a national team player or not because you might need to be ultimate specialize to help your nation.

Side note: If you don't know what is XX-XX-XX, it's the measurement of chest, waist, and hip

The concept of having a high FS like 200 is to have the ability to pass through the defense of more defenders. Example: With a FS of 150, you can bypass players with 120 blocking perfectly but with 200 you can bypass blockers with up to 170 blocking. So without great defenders, too much FS is not useful, might as well put some of the 200 to other skills like body attribute to increase the overall performance of your player.


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Very interesting post. Thanks, boss


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