cyberdunk colosed account again !!!:S

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cyberdunk colosed account again !!!:S Empty cyberdunk colosed account again !!!:S

Post  royamikam on Tue Mar 18, 2008 8:11 pm

someone of israel fourom post this :
Omri Casspi said:
talad, are you gonna ban the guys that have 200+ or 300+ fake refferals?
Talad said:
we are working our way down to those type of cheaters
Talad said:
we banned everyone 400+ that we found
Talad said:
we will get to them
Talad said:
still sorting the first batch
Omri Casspi said:

in clearly words:
the manger of this game said that he will closed all the account with 200 CDP !!!
if you open a lot of account with your link do Retire for al the account


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